Sharon has always enjoyed everything dance! Teaching and running a performing arts school was always her dream as a little girl. Seeing the joy produced when a dancer achieves new skills and takes that step from enjoying to really falling in love with dance! She feels very privileged to lead a fabulous team who bring their own unique strengths to Encore.



Emily is an integral part of the Encore family. She uses her passion and creativity to create a great class atmosphere. Inspired by iconic tap dancers like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, she creates many unique routines. She loves being a part of Tassie Dancers Against Cancer and giving back to her dancing community.



Sharni started ballet classes when she was 6. She is a certified classical ballet teacher through the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance. Sharni sees teaching as her true calling! She also works in childcare when she isn’t teaching and loves to relax with her partner and her two-year-old son! She is also looking forward to the much welcomed arrival of baby number two.



Elle has been with Encore for over 13 years! She is the Ready Set Dance Coordinator and is Platinum certified. Elle loves to teach dance and bring excitement and joy to all of her classes!



Taylah has been dancing at Encore for 18 years, has been an assistant teacher for 9 years, and a teacher for 5 years. She loves to perform in local theatre shows and is also certified though CLi Studios.

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Jin-hee has been dancing since 1995 and is trained in multiple styles. Jin-hee worked as an airline hostess for multiple years and has also worked at many different dance schools throughout Tasmania. She has taught many different styles, including stretch and flexibility. In 2018 she welcomed her daughter Alina into her family!



Grace has been apart of the Encore family for 25 years, starting her dance journey at 5 years old. She began assisting classes at around 16 and continues to teach and help in the Office. She loves watching the Students come to life on stage and being able to see them learn and grow! When she isn’t dancing, she works part time as an Office Manager and spends her spare time with her two daughters, who have also inherited her love for dance!



Jemma started dancing at 4 and has been dancing with Sharon since 2000. She is CLi certified and has completed high levels of Jazz and Tap Exams. She also plays the saxophone and has a Double Arts and Fine Arts Degree. When she isn’t in class, Jemma works for the State Government.

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Dom started dancing when she was 3 years old, making 2020 her 30th year at Encore! She started assisting with classes when she was 16. She loves teaching our Ready Set Dance program! When she isn’t dancing, she spends her time with her son, or at work as a counsellor.



Ange has been teaching dance for over 30 years. Training locally with Sonny Jose and Wendy Baron, she uses her skills to teach at many schools; including her own school which has been running for 25 years. Ange has worked on many musical productions, including ‘Billy Elliot’ as a tap and ballet instructor.



Brad started dancing when he was 3 and has been teaching tap at Encore for the past decade! Brad uses his combination of an ‘English Style’ and an ‘American Hoofer’ to create amazing and dynamic tap routines! Brad runs Tap Jam, classes aimed at Tap-nerds to get together and create new rhythms. Go Tap!

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Anna has been at Encore since she was 4, and has been an assistant teacher for 6 years before flying solo. Anna is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts and plans to complete a Masters of Teaching. She is also RSD certified!