Important Encore Update

ENCORE is launching a NEW Digital Dance School commencing Term 2

We know that the last two weeks have been filled with uncertainty, but Encore Dance is certainly doing something you can be certain about! Our studio has not only risen to this new challenge, but we have surpassed our own expectations on what a Digital Dance School can provide to our students. We are honestly thrilled to fill you in on our plans for keeping your dancer engaged, educated, and connected.  Watch your inbox for a separate email on accessing the new Encore Digital Dance School.

Encore Digital Dance School will launch on Saturday, April 25

Digital Learning - any time, any way you like!

Take dance classes at your own convenience, from your own home. All lessons, all styles are included in our digital dance school that our students will now have access to until our studio doors are back open.

Live classes with feedback from teachers!

We know how important social interaction and familiar faces are. In addition to recorded classes we will be hosting live classes so that your child maintains their connection with their teachers and classmates, as well as keeping up their progress in their dance training. Live classes to launch on April 25 through zoom.  Many are familiar with this platform through school/work.  We will send out comprehensive instructions next week. 

Bonuses for families

Not only will you have access to the classes Encore is offering, along with tons of bonus content and we are also throwing in classes for parents as well to keep everyone moving at home.


  • Family dance classes

  • Stretch and conditioning classes

  • Adult ballet/Tap/Singing classes

Why maintaining dance education is important

We can think of many more reasons, but here are a few from Dance Educators about why dance education should be continued online. We are committed to your child's mental health and artistic, creative, and physical development. At a time when so many other things have been taken away, it is our mission to provide the absolute best support to our dancers during this time.

Performances & Concerts

Plans for our Mini Concert (November 8) and Big Concert (December 5) will continue as normal and concert choreography will be started in our online form.  We are also very hopeful for an additional performance opportunity for all our dancers during Term 3.  Like everyone else, we are taking it one day at a time and will keep you updated when things become clearer.

We will be continuing performance choreography through our Digital Dance School so that dancers can stay on track.

How you can you help?

Many of our parents use work emails and we know some of our information isn’t getting through to all our families.  Our school emails like this sometimes go to junk on computers or those who use work emails our emails are not getting through.  Checking with friends that have children in your classes that they have received our information would be very helpful. 

Also, encourage your children to engage in Movitae with their teachers and their dance friends.  Their teachers are there to answer any questions they have.  Opening up some more dialogue with the students will also help us to plan lessons going forward.

As a school we looking at setting a few challenges and activities to get the whole family involved.  It is so important to stay connected and give some sort of normality in children’s lives. 

A message from Sharon

Like many of you, there have been times over the past couple of weeks that I have felt lost, overwhelmed, and ready to just sit down and cry.  Well I actually did a couple of times.  This is all new territory and all I want is to be back to "normal." I want to be at the studio with the kids, not in front of a computer screen or filming!  To say this is the most challenging time in the 38 years of running a studio is very much an understatement.  But, so many of my grown up dance kids (ex students) have been reaching out. Many of these "kids" sending messages. asking "Are you okay?" "How is the studio?" "Is there anything I can do to help?"

And they made me realize that this will just be one more chapter in our dance story.  My wish is that we will all look back on this time and be proud of the way we met the challenges in front of us.

‘Remember that time we did virtual dance class!’ 

Because the magic of dance and the community that it creates doesn't just happen in class.  We are about making memories and a sense of belonging to something that makes you feel at home.  The number of students who come back after being away or come back with their new family does show that sense of community & love that is created at our studio.  It happens over a lifetime of loving a place, and the people, and an art form so much that it leaves an indelible mark on your heart. A mark that makes you pick up the phone and ask how you can help keep classes going years after you have stopped dancing yourself. A mark that creates a legacy of dance family that has never been held within the four walls of the studio. and that legacy will continue far beyond this one challenge.  So don't worry dance family...we've got this!

Thank you to those dancers and parents who have sent through videos of our dancers rehearsing their steps or routine content that has been sent out to them.  This definitely lifts our spirits and makes all our teachers feel all the extra work they are putting in is being valued and our students are still engaged and learning.  But most importantly being active which not only helps us all physically and mentally at this challenging time.

Stay Well and Happy Dancing!

Sharon, Emily and The Encore Team

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