March 20th Update

Dear Encore family,

COVID-19 continues to cause concern in the community, but we are still open and continue to provide a happy dance environment. Dance provides many benefits. Firstly, there are the obvious physical health benefits of dancing. However, it is probably important that we recognise the mental health benefits. Many of our students will be overloaded with information about the covid-19 virus. The mental health benefits for them in coming to a safe dance environment where they can clear their mind of external overload and simply focus on dance cannot be overestimated.

We respect and understand that some students will be isolating at this time. Our hope is that we can still encourage you to be a part of our Encore Dance community by dancing with us at home.

What we are doing this week:

  • Our teachers are working harder than ever to create fun and interesting content.

  • All staff members are completing the Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19 Infection Control training.

  • Following the recommended guidelines and rules as stipulated by the government and WHO.

What we are doing daily:

  • Regular cleaning of high touch areas

  • Providing hand sanitizer and soap

  • Ensuring all teachers sanitize hands (or wash hands) between classes

  • Reminding students to not share drink bottles

  • Minimising touching in class

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Happy Dancing :)

Encore Dance Team

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