2021 Term One Adult Classes - 5 weeks

PBT Exercise Class  -  2.30-3.30pm - Saturday 27 February - Saturday 27 March

"Old School" Tappers - 7.30-8.30pm - Tuesday 2 March - Tuesday 30 March

PBT Exercise Class  -  7.15-8.15pm - Wednesday 3 March - Wednesday 31 March

Tap Beginners  -  7.00-7.45pm - Thursday 4 March - Thursday 1 April

Tap Intermediate (TAP CATS)  -  7.45-8.45pm - Thursday 4 March - Thursday 1 April


Our adult classes are available on a casual basis. Classes can either be paid on a weekly basis, or you are welcome to purchase our one time offer of a Special Term One 5 x Week Pass upfront to use as you wish (see terms).

Single Casual PAYG Class: $15.00 per class

Special Term One 5 x Week Pass: $60


  • Adult students may either purchase the Special Term One 5 x Week Pass ($60.00) which is valid for the 5 week term they are purchased for and cannot accrue a balance, or, adult students may pay for classes as they go at $15 per class.

  • The Special Term One 5 x Week Pass can be used for any Adult classes offered during the 2021 Term One 5 week Adult Class term but at least one class must be booked prior to class commencement. To take another class please ensure you book into the class (if space allows) by phoning the office or email info@encoredance.com.au

  • Class Pass can be used for any Adult Class offered during the Term of purchase.

  • Fees are strictly non-refundable.

  • Encore offers the following payment methods:

    • Cash

    • Bank Transfer

    • Cheques

    • EFTPOS

    • Paypal (when booking online)


  • Whilst our adult classes are flexible and very casual in nature, we would appreciate adult students let the office staff know of any changes or cancellations to enrolments.

  • Fees are strictly non-refundable.


ENCORE is excited to offer a new style of exercise class - ballet inspired exercises for adults. Progressing Ballet Technique focuses on non-weight bearing, core strengthening body conditioning for general fitness and body awareness. This program is designed to benefit adult beginners and fitness enthusiasts who would enjoy ballet inspired workouts.



ENCORE is thrilled to offer three levels of Adult tap classes to cater to broad abilities.

  • Beginnner Tap - suitable for adults with little or no tap experience. 

  • Intermediate Tap - suitable for adults with prior tap experience as an adult or a young dancer.

  • "Old School" Tappers - suitable for adults with a number of years experience. Relive your dance school days.

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